No One Else (Double Take Mix)
U2R No One Else (Double Take Mix)

Traxsource Garage Essentials Number 1

No One Else started life as a late 90’s flavoured UK Garage track which was released in 2014 (Unique 2 Rhythm feat Kym Sims -Won’t Do That).

It was inspired by UK and US Garage at the time but kept at a more reasonable tempo. The original iteration included vocals from Kym Sims (of ‘Too blind to see it’ fame) but having launched into an entirely unjustified tirade of abuse into a fellow label artist on social media, she was consequently dropped.

This version was created from the recently discovered, but already mastered personal appearance backing track from that time and re-edited and all traces of the previous vocal removed with some very clever technology. A fresh ‘pack’ vocal from Sheree Hicks was overdubbed and edited to fit the arrangement. As no premaster was available, a light new master has been applied to bring things up to 2024 expectations…

…so if this tune sounds familiar, it is !

Written by Chris Woods
Vocals by Sheree Hicks (Taken from sample pack)
Produced by Chris Woods (JC Unique)

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