Oski DJ and Tommie Cotton
Make you want it (U2R Remix Remastered)
Oski DJ and Tommie Cotton Make you want it (U2R Remix Remastered)

Originally released in March of 2014, ‘Make you want it’ was one of the first productions on Unique 2 Rhythm Records and set the tone for a series of further Garage infused productions. It features a bumpy garage groove with a heavyweight bassline and chord stabs bonded together with lush strings. Tommie’s suggestive spoken vocal part raised a few eyebrows at the time and quickly inspired many other producers to try something similar themselves.

A package of remixes were available at the time from producers including AM2PM and Damien Gray however the U2R Remix made the biggest impression in terms of sales and support from DJ’s such as Matt Jam Lamont and DJ Caspa.

Now you can experience this track again with an updated master embracing the latest available technology.

Written by Oski DJ, Tommie Cotton
Vocals by Tommie Cotton
Remix and production by Chris Woods (JC Unique)

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