Love Is (4×4 Mix Remastered)
U2R Love Is (4×4 Mix Remastered)

This track is from the formative years of UK Garage where American flavoured soulful house and garage was sped up by UK DJ’s, given a highly swung AKAI grove and punctuated by often bootlegged R&B vocals. The scene was positive and friendly, mostly based in London but rapidly expanding into an international phenomenon.

‘Love Is’ was a transitional tune between the US and UK Garage vibes of the time, keeping the tempo at a lofty 132bpm but retaining the original pitch of the lead vocal. The arrangement, bump & skip were very much inherited from UKG with sparse but deep bass.

It was originally released on vinyl (Cat no. U2R1201) in 1998 and featured two further mixes (2-Steppin’ and U.S. Mixes). This version has been remastered from the original vinyl which was in turn mastered by Tim Dennen at Masterpiece. As an interesting factoid, the A-side of the vinyl played at 45 RPM but the B-side ran at 33 ⅓ RPM

Written by Chris Woods
Produced by Chris Woods (JC Unique)
Co-produced by Danny J (Danny Adams)

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