Jay Funk ft Tommie Cotton
Deep in the night (U2R Remix Remastered)
Jay Funk ft Tommie Cotton Deep in the night (U2R Remix Remastered)


‘Deep in the night’ represents the first collaboration between Jay Funk and Tommie Cotton which was orchestrated by JC Unique. A quirk of the U2R remix offered here was that it was completed before the original which was still in production.

Jay and JC had been long-standing friends from the heady UK Garage days of the late 90’s but had never collaborated. This track is a blending of light atmospheric pads over deep filtered bass elements underpinned by a contemporary garage groove and sprinkled with Tommie’s delicious vocal oneshots.

The formula struck a tone with tastemakers at the time of it’s first release and appeared on several labels and compilations.

In honour of it’s tenth birthday, Deep in the night has been respectfully remastered for a new decade.

Written by Jay Funk & Chris Woods
Vocals by Tommie Cotton
Produced by Chris Woods (JC Unique/U2R)

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