Ninety Five
Boomkicker Ninety Five

Inspired by an old production from 1995, this track pays homage to a time when studios were running off Atari ST’s, dancefloors were heaving and house ruled. These were the days when nightclubs mattered and everyone was living for the weekend.

Many of the sounds of the era on this release were re-created with busy drums being a hallmark of the time having loops layered on top of loops and the arrangement breaking down to little more than a vocal before all going off again mid track. Some true househeads will recognise that much of this production leans on 1995 vibes, a truly epic year for house music.

The name ‘Boomkicker’ is an alias and stems from a gamertag used throughout a mis-spent youth playing Counterstrike.

Written & Produced by Chris Woods

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