Bumpin' Soul
Twisted (Squirell Main Mix)
Bumpin' Soul Twisted (Squirell Main Mix)
Bumpin' Soul
Twisted (Squirell Dub Mix)
Bumpin' Soul Twisted (Squirell Dub Mix)

Hot on the heels of the original Bumpin’ Soul mixes comes a much deeper interpretation brought to you by Stand Out Recordings in-house producer, Squirell.
The main mix highlights the dubby and relentless looped sax part under a tribal and broken rhythm underlined by rumblings of deep sub. The beats do most of the heavy lifting here and are reprised with Squirell’s dub mix which dispenses with the sax parts becoming almost a ‘beats-a-pella’ with vocal shots.

Remix production by Squirell (Stand Out Recordings)

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