Bumpin' Soul
Twisted (Slappy Clappy Vocal Mix)
Bumpin' Soul Twisted (Slappy Clappy Vocal Mix)
Bumpin' Soul
Twisted (Slappy Clappy Dub Mix)
Bumpin' Soul Twisted (Slappy Clappy Dub Mix)

Bumpin’ Soul returns to U2R with a slap bass driven funky 90’s inspired vocal house tune. This track initially started as a bootleg featuring an illicit gospel house sample from Loleatta Holloway – Dreamin’. Given that Loleatta has been sampled to near oblivion and that clearing the sample would never have been commercially viable, most of the core elements were re-tasked including the frantic slap bass and beats. A wonderful pack vocal was found to anchor the track with Rhodes parts filling the melodies. A relentless one bar sax loop harks back to the dubby soulful and funky house days of the mid to late 90’s. The breakdown teases with clapping gospel vibes which are more of a feature in the dub version.

Written and produced by Chris Woods (Bumpin’ Soul)

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