Don’t Wanna Hurt U (Original ’96 Mix)
Pseu-Mi Don’t Wanna Hurt U (Original ’96 Mix)

In 1996, Unique 2 Rhythm was based a small private studio built on the foundations of a haunted monastery (It saved on rent).

Within this studio, many ideas were concocted, many of them in the form of UK Garage. This track however was greatly inspired by the likes of David Morales and Mousse T.

Production was done entirely with hardware over a real mixing desk with minimal outboard gear. The vocal was taken from a sample CD (yes, remember them) and was painstakingly sampled phrase by phrase across the length of a keyboard.

‘Don’t Wanna Hurt U’ was never signed or released as at the time. UKG was the only style being distributed under P&D deals. Despite being created nearly three decades ago, it actually feels like it has stood the test of time and it’s a real pleasure to present it to you as a piece of U2R history.

Written by Chris Woods
Produced by Chris Woods (JC Unique)

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