Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown
One (Su Denim Mix)
Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown One (Su Denim Mix)
Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown
One (Squirell Mix)
Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown One (Squirell Mix)
Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown - One


It’s a genuine joy to release remixes of a collaboration between two legends of house music, name Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown and their uplifting classic, ‘One’.

There are two mixes in this package, formerly available on Danny Clark’s Stand Out Recordings.

The Su Denim Mix is a glossy soulful disco affair featuring a string and piano-led arrangement largely following Jon and Jocelyn’s original song structure but slowed down a shade to work with today’s more contemporary soulful house productions. Much of the sound palate was taken from the Freemason’s excellent sample and sound libraries with drum and percussion inspiration coming from artists such as Dr. Packer and Michael Gray.

Squirell’s mix again pulls together the original vocal arrangement but with a bed of relaxed jazzy and almost lounge e-pianos and vibes presented by Bennet Holland over a classic soulful house groove.

Remixes produced by Chris Woods and Squirell

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Produced by Jon Cutler for Distant Music.
Written by J. Brown, J. Cutler & M. Patto.
Vocals performed by Jocelyn Brown.
Background vocals by Pete Simpson.
Keys by Mike Patto.
Mix Engineer Toni Economides.

Squirell Remix keys by Bennett Holland.

Published by MN2S Music. Administered by Bug / Deep Rhythms Music ASCAP Administered by Warner Chappell Music / Defected Music Ltd / 2006 Jocelyn Brown Music C MN2S 2006 P 2006 MN2S Music

Licensed from Stand Out Recordings 30/03/2023