JC Unique
JC Unique Starlight

Starlight represents a revival of the classic vocal house style that put Unique 2 Rhythm Records on the map in the mid 2000’s.

It showcases the timeless combination of a big piano hook, full vocals, sweeping analogue pads and a huge breakdown inspired by artists such as 90’s house music royalty, Jazz ‘n’ Groove. It’s a throwback to brighter days when dance music ‘songs’ proliferated with lyrics you could remember.

Analogue mastering was conducted with the assistance of AI.

An instrumental version is also available.

Written & Produced by Chris Woods

Thank you’s for supporting this release by charting or promoting on radio include:

  • Jo Paciello
  • Bronx Cheer
  • Rob Hayes
  • Luisen
  • Tom Leeland
  • Garas
  • Steve ‘Soulmafia’ Watts (USR)
  • Niall Redmonds (RTE Pulse)

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