Soulful House

Bumpin’ Soul – Twisted (Slappy Clappy Mixes)


AVAILABLE ON TRAXSOURCE Bumpin' Soul returns to U2R with a slap bass driven funky 90's inspired vocal house tune. This track initially started as a bootleg featuring an illicit gospel house sample from Loleatta Holloway - Dreamin'. Given that Loleatta has been sampled to near oblivion [...]

Oski DJ and Tommie Cotton – Make you want it (U2R Remix Remastered)


Buy on Traxsource Originally released in March of 2014, 'Make you want it' was one of the first productions on Unique 2 Rhythm Records and set the tone for a series of further Garage infused productions. It features a bumpy garage groove with [...]

JC Unique – Best 2 Follow (Original Mix)


Buy on Traxsource Inspired by a combination of deep house and nu-disco, 'Best 2 Follow' functions around a cut and mashed up synth loop supported by a classic Juno bassline. The syncopated groove is punctuated with emphasised fills, sub drops and micro-effects breaking down [...]

86deep – Hot Night (Original mix remastered)


Available on Traxsource Traxsource Essential Garage Chart #1 (4 Weeks) 86deep was a force to be reckoned within the garage scene from his time as one half of Smokin' Beats through to 2016 after which he largely withdrew from production. His releases [...]

JC Unique ft Tommie Cotton – Tell Me (Original Mix Remastered)


AVAILABLE ON TRAXSOURCE Originally released in 2015, 'Tell Me' set the bar for the formative years of Unique 2 Rhythm Records, featuring a genuine collaboration between JC Unique and Tommie Cotton. Bringing together classic Korg M1 piano and Arco string sounds along with a [...]

The Realm ft Tony Momrelle – Take You There (Squirell Remixes)


Buy on Traxsource The Realm, known for their mastery of deep and soulful house music, have crafted a reputation for delivering emotional and groove-inducing tracks that resonate with listeners on a profound level. With 'Take You There,' they once again prove their prowess in creating timeless music [...]

Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown – One (Su Denim & Squirell Mixes)


TRAXSOURCE RELEASE DATE 05/08/2023 Available on Traxsource It's a genuine joy to release remixes of a collaboration between two legends of house music, name Jon Cutler and Jocelyn Brown and their uplifting classic, 'One'. There are two mixes in this package, formerly available on Danny Clark's Stand [...]

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