Funky House

Bumpin’ Soul – Twisted (Slappy Clappy Mixes)


AVAILABLE ON TRAXSOURCE Bumpin' Soul returns to U2R with a slap bass driven funky 90's inspired vocal house tune. This track initially started as a bootleg featuring an illicit gospel house sample from Loleatta Holloway - Dreamin'. Given that Loleatta has been sampled to near oblivion [...]

Pseu-Mi – Don’t Wanna Hurt U (Original ’96 Mix)


Buy now on Traxsource In 1996, Unique 2 Rhythm was based a small private studio built on the foundations of a haunted monastery (It saved on rent). Within this studio, many ideas were concocted, many of them in the form of UK Garage. This track however [...]

Su Denim – I Gotta Know


Buy on Traxsource This release from Su Denim is dripping with disco goodness with a nod of respect to the mentors of soulful, funky and disco house. The track features everything from live basslines to brass, piano and strings to funky guitar, all underpinned by a tidy groove featuring [...]

JC Unique – Want Me, Need Me 2020


Back in 2015, JC released a track with inspiration taken from the legendary Full Intention. The track was called 'It's Alright (Sun is shining)' and remains one of JC's favourite personal productions. From this time, a derivative follow-up started production, featuring pack vocals from Kate Wild [...]

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