JC Unique
Need It (Original Mix Remastered)
JC Unique Need It (Original Mix Remastered)

Need it was the first release on Unique 2 Rhythm Records and came about from messing about with a small collection of sample packs and virtual synthesisers. Inspired by the resurgence of a UK Garage sound spearheaded by Disclosure, the intention was to create something atmospheric and melancholic but with a little bit of bite.

With the demo championed by Grant Nelson, it became clear the track deserved a release and so the digital iteration of Unique 2 Rhythm Records was born.

At the time, most online stores didn’t have a ‘Garage’ genre which has since been rectified courtesy of a DJ movement pushing the term ‘Garagehouse’.

Subtly remastered for a new generation, welcome back to the beginning.

Produced & written by JC Unique

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